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Seborrheic dermatitis home treatment
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For them, it is clear: fish oil consumption can help "normal" psoriasis patients - but only the oils of fish that live freely in the sea. Bred marine fish and freshwater fish are not so cheap. But: An effect only brings high doses over a longer time - for example six months. As much as fish can not devour the largest fish gourmet best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis scalp, which is why they help food supplements - ie: capsules from the health food store, the drugstore or the pharmacy. PsoriSol also combines the fish oils with vitamin E. Anyone who is now in the nearest pharmacy or in the drugstore, should ensure that the capsules contain a lot of Omega-3.

In addition, arachidonic acid should be restricted in food. This stimulates inflammation. Arachidonic acid is found exclusively in animal food. Special acid bombs are in this case

sausage rich fleshy flavors cream

butter eggs

PsoriSol has an "omega-3-psoriasis diet". It is predominantly vegetarian. Animal foods are fish, meager dairy products and small portions of meager meat.

The opinion from Neukirchen

Another clinic, which is a good example of nutrition and psoriasis, is the Neukirchen Special Clinic seborrheic dermatitis home treatment. It is also clear to the scientists there: "According to experience, most psoriatists do not have to eat certain foods that can cause allergic reactions. These would be foods with an increasing effect on the uric acid and blood fat values:

For the specialists of Schloss Friedensburg in Leutenberg (Thuringia) the liver is of particular importance. It must be able to properly detoxify the body and not be distracted with other tasks. They are over-charged with body-borne substances.

The intestine, however, is actually protected by intestinal germs from seborrheic dermatitis scalp cure the "docking" of penetrating bacteria. The "intestinal soldiers" and, ultimately, the immune defense are given more and more and constantly present bacteria and large molecules in alertness. Yeast is added to what is so-bummed in the intestine. As a result, however, so much methyl, amyl or isomyl alcohol can be formed that severe liver disorders are the result. The equilibrium of the intestine is mixed. He can no longer fight neatly against intruders.

Result is a slightly different hospital concept in people's mountain. Anyone who comes to the hospital for treatment will be asked about his dietary habits. More than 100 foods can be tested to see if they may trigger an allergy. The food at Schloss Friedensburg is adapted to the concept.

Bertelsmann Foundation

The Bertelsmann Foundation has a long-standing expert committee on health and nutrition. A conference dedicated specifically to the relationship between skin diseases and nutrition At the beginning of July 2002, scientists who were also "in the subject" gathered. Their majority conclusion: Many nonsensical diets are praised. In between, there are always useful recommendations. A healthy diet can alleviate the inflammation process.

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