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Diet tips for people with psoriasis are available in harsh amounts hair loss seborrheic dermatitis. Some of them may be useful, but many bear witness to inappropriate hysteria. It must be clear to everyone affected by psoriasis: he has to put his diet to the test again and again.

Some can eat what they want - the psoriasis is unimpressed. Others notice over time that some food is harmful to them. So: There is not the super-diet, with which the psoriasis makes itself away. As with the search for the most effective drug applies here: search, search, search.

The opinion from Hersbruck

The very first measure must be a weight reduction for most people. "Every second German is overweight, one in five is obese," says Astrid Menne from the PsoriSol clinic in Hersbruck treatment for seborrheic keratosis. The causes are known: lack of exercise and too many calories in the food, which are caused by too much fat and alcohol. Complex carbohydrates and dietary fibers are too short.

The danger: overweight or even obesity offer the psoriasis great "food". Astrid Menne explains, "Obesity and fat growth increase the risk of high blood fat levels, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus." Those who carry these symptoms along are often faced with a worsening of psoriasis.

As regards a diet for the treatment of psoriasis, Astrid Menne is cautious: "There are numerous individual reports on success," she writes. "Up to now no scientific study could confirm these success reports hair loss seborrheic dermatitis in a larger number of patients." Allergies or intolerances of food would not play a role in psoriasis. (They can, of course, be very well present parallel to the psoriasis but have no influence on them.)

So she says: "A healthy, varied, healthy diet has a positive influence on the disease." But she also says, "Regular alcohol consumption can be both a trigger for psoriasis or" alive ".

In rare, severe forms of psoriasis, extreme dandruff formation causes protein loss, vitamin deficiency, and blood loss. There is nothing to be done with food - here experts have to be stationary.

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