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advocate illinois masonic medical centerThe Center for Advanced Attention is a $108 million, 166,000 sf, three-story, state-of-the-art outpatient service at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (AIMMC) enclosure ambulatory surgery, intestinal health and cancers care.
The Center improves patient gain access to, continuity among attention offerings, and enhances functional efficiencies by adjoining the new building with the prevailing hospital.
The design of the guts for Advanced Attention aspires to demystify the healthcare experience by setting up a physical space that is available, appealing and embraces the key points of Place-Making, Light, and Community. A three-story wine glass atrium accentuates the facility's main entrance. The sweeping, curved cup fa?ade on the south elevation features an integral passive sunshade system that filter systems natural light and reduces solar heating gain. Consumer corridors are equipped with open seating and holding out areas located across the softly undulating blood flow vertebrae, creating an easy-to-navigate wayfinding system connecting the new building to the primary hospital. YOUR DAY Surgery Patient Treatment areas provide usage of indirect light through clerestory glazing, and the Tumors Infusion Bays forget the community garden on the north aspect of the building.
When making such a complicated building type, coordination is vital to delivering a high-performance building on-time and on budget. THE GUTS for Advanced Health care was created employing a custom-made version of a built-in job delivery (IPD) strategy, merging the look and construction clubs prior to award of the task, thus improving the team's communication and collaboration on the project's duration.
When making such a complicated building type, coordination is essential to providing a high-performance building on-time and on budget. THE GUTS for Advanced Care was created utilizing a personalized version of an integrated job delivery (IPD) approach, merging the look and construction groups prior to prize of the project, thus boosting the team's communication and cooperation within the project's duration.
As the first hospital in Chicago to receive the Environmental Coverage Agency's Energy Celebrity designation, AIMMC is definitely a innovator in environmental sustainability. The Center for Advanced Care has achieved LEED(C) Metallic certification under this year's 2009 LEED for Professional medical: New Building and Major Renovations rating system, promoting environmental and human health in an individual care environment.
Project Info :

Architects: SmithGroupJJR
Location: Chicago, United States
Area: 166000.0 ft2
Year: 2015
Type: Medical center
Photographs: Liam Frederick

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