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Had some issues with the automoderator, but here is everything you need to know, enjoy! The track today is a spectacular one. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. Today we have the second superprestige round, after a dominant first win for MvdP.

Hence why negotiations exist. Though, I could see a small war happening in Syria off both Russian and US soil. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little clever comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldnt, you didnt, and now youre paying the price, you goddamn idiot.

The race in Zonhoven has a unique feature, often called "De kuil van Zonhoven", wich is the (sand)pit of Zonhoven. The enquirer is running an editorial tomorrow calling for council and commissioners to not pass the infrastructure money saying it is all too rushed. I hope to continue to do 4 5 more races before both jobs eat my spare time entirely.

I been running for only the last 4 years; I not a really fast runner, and I not a distance runner because I don have the stamina. Seems both city and county have had lots of meetings with club over last 10 months or so not sure if that is rushed.

Then some random guy who happened to be in the area spear fishing came up and dragged me out. I told my wife and my parents to go home and sleep that night. 6 years ago as I was laying in a hospital bed for 24 hours while the tests came back to tell me what kind of Leukemia I had.

I very thankful for the nurse that was there when reality sunk in. I still find it odd they announced back last year that they wanted a new stadium and even gave general site ideas. I have challenged myself to run 40 5 k distances in the year before I turn 40 years old.

That when she starts saying I railroading. Then we have an encounter where the item or person is and she starts trouble with other people in town like blowing up a shop or something like that and has the cheap oakleys town guards try to arrest her.

You need to specialize your cheap oakleys planets or resettle damn near everyone, and getting an erudite leader can require a lot of hiring and firing. I do agree that getting bio competetive with synthetics requires a mind numbing amount of micromanagement, though. You correct that there lots of energy to be had towards the endgame, but I don agree that synthetic ascension unfairly powerful compared to bio ascension, at least on paper.

He told me that when he started golfing in his 20 with inherited clubs and a cheap oakleys crappy job, he had no money to buy golf balls. I could see Putin taking down one of the jets maybe. So I just through out suggestions describing what around to give her an idea then she says I don know and just goes straight to her phone so we move on.

The sangria on the porch at tavern is amazing. I occasionally hit a block because I was too quick on the hip and I get stuck behind, but I rather block 10% of the time than slice 90% of the time. So he decided that each time he went to the driving range, at the end of the day, he would steal just one golf ball.

I believe that in the cafe at the Center for Contemporary Arts on Sauchiehall St, there a board game night every other Sunday (starting at 5ish) and a lot of those guys girls play RPGs as well. Very solid group of people there. It cheap, comprised of cheap wine, cheap brandy, and whatever sliced fruit is on the bar.

Glasgow is actually a really great city for RPGs. Also a pretty strong miniature wargaming community, but I not gotten as involved in that. Think of it as the punctuation equivalent of the heart eyed cat emoji (which is infinitely superior to the regular yellow heart eyed face emoji). Served in a giant mason jar. At contact, when my thigh, waist, and hands are all touching the wall, all the momentum of the club carries smoothly through my hands and I be square or a little closed.

OK, so Bazin's version of the irony mark didn't quite catch on, but he had some other cool ideas too. I currently got two groups on the go, and have had to turn down invites to games and other players joining simply because of time constraints.

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